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When considering buying a home, one of the first concerns a potential buyer has is the security of that home and the safety and security of their family which will be living in the home with them. With Metrogate North Villas these concerns can be laid to rest due to them having an entrance gate complete with guardhouse to deter unwanted visitors and all the streets have street lighting to ensure clear visibility for all residents even at night.

As with other Moldex realty projects, Metrogate North Villas has a centralized water system, underground drainage system and concrete sidewalks complete with gutters but it is perhaps the other amenities that are available which will be of most interest to the family members and those include:

Clubhouse - the advantages of having a clubhouse on site at Metrogate North Villas are too numerous to fully mention but perhaps the greatest advantages of having one are the fact that you have a venue for meeting other residents or perhaps for a family reunion, eliminating the need to disrupt your home having that as the venue. Of course a clubhouse is also somewhere where a business social could be held.

Basketball Court – It has been a long time since the streets were safe places on which to play a friendly ball game and so the provision of a basketball court is one which is greatly appreciated by many residents, affording their children the ability to play in relative safety and also as the venue for a friendly neighbourhood tournament.

Tennis Courts – Of course basketball is not everyone’s preferred choice of sporting activity, even if it is becoming one of the world’s most popular games. Tennis however, is a sport which, although maybe not so many people seem overly enthusiastic about, it is one which most people have played at one time or another. The provision of a tennis court at Metrogate North Villas is therefore beneficial to a far larger number of residents than you may at first think.

Swimming Pool – For many children, having a swimming pool on their doorstep will be like a dream come true and it is probably in the pool where most of the villas children will want to spend their weekends.

Children’s Playground – A children’s playground can ensure that the children have a place to play, safely away from any busy traffic. There will be times when the kids won’t want to get wet or you do not want them to get wet and so the provision of a playground ensures that they have somewhere to play any other games they may choose without endangering themselves or their friends.

Gardens and Open Spaces – Regardless of how quiet a home may be, there are times when nothing is more relaxing than a quiet walk through some gardens or at least a walk in the open air. With the provision of nice beautiful gardens and plenty of open spaces within Metrogate North Villas, means residents can truly enjoy an atmosphere away from the city and have time to reflect on how much improved their lifestyle has become since they made the move.

Just the fact that these varied amenities are on site means you and your family can enjoy a better lifestyle, able to access all of the amenities without having to waste time travelling to them. If any of the family does want more in the way of amenities however, don’t forget that the Adventure Resort is just down the road and their amenities include zip-lines and other popular activities.

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